People ask questions. We like questions. Here are some answers to some of the most common questions asked. 


Q.      I am not a lady, can I attend? 

Yes! Please do! People of any gender dancing any role are welcome, and you have the opportunity to learn from the Leading Ladies of Swing! 

Q.      Do I have to stick to Core or Theme classes all weekend? 

No, you can pick one class (either Core or Theme) Saturday, and another class (either Core or Theme) Sunday when you have a full pass. You can even do different roles Saturday and Sunday. 

Q.      How does signing up as a "switch" work?

When you're signing up as a "switch" for a level, you're letting us know you're happy to do either role in that class, and that your leading and following is sufficient to meet the class requirements.

Q.      Can I volunteer for a discount? 

Yes, but we only have very few spots for full-time volunteers, who will be working during some of the day in exchange of a free party pass. If you'd like to just help out for an hour or two during the parties, we'd appreciate it a lot. Party helpers duties include door shifts, bar shifts, and some minor cleaning. 

All volunteering signup can be found in the registration form.

Q.      Do you offer hosting? 

We will attempt to find hosting for as many people as we can during the weekend. Please sign up through the registration form, or via this link.  

Q.      I can't afford the full price of the festival, what can I do? 

We will be running a donation through the registration page, where participants who feel like they can affordto spend a little more, will donate money towards helping people who are low income, students, or forsome other reason can't afford the full price of the festival. Also remember that the earlier you book, the cheaper it is.